Duck Pond Landscaping

Ongoing marketing materials for Duck Pond Landscaping, Granby Connecticut's premier lawn care company. I was originally asked to create a business card for Duck Pond, which quickly grew into an all-encompassing brand campaign to elevate the local business.

Door Hangers

The objective was to create a clean, friendly design to advertise Duck Pond's services to potential new clients. I also focused on incorporating the branding elements created for the business card into the design to ensure cohesion. I collaborated with the client to develop a lighthearted concept for the door hangers centered around a positive customer review.

hand holding door hanger made for duck pond
door hanger on door made for duck pond

Business Card:

The objective was to develop a clean design that aligns with industry trends but also creates a unique look for the company. The client also wanted me to develop a wordmark for the brand that could be used on the business card and future deliverables.

duck pond landscaping business card

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