Newsletter Design for COR2E


COR2E, or the UConn Center for Open Resources and Equipment, supports researchers at the University of Connecticut and serves as the gateway to available research resources. Within COR2E, there are 11 facilities in a variety of subject areas that provide expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to researchers.

This summer newsletter was sent to various academic departments to advertise COR2E's services with the goal of securing potential new clients.

Primary Objective

With this project, I aimed to stay true to the existing brand while also elevating and evolving creative means of communication. Specifically, I focused on experimenting with typography to create a more engaging composition.

newsletter mockup for COR2E


Throughout the process of designing this newsletter, my work was being reviewed by multiple people, which resulted in competing opinions and visions for the project. While establishing a goal for the outcome was initially difficult, I was able to grow my communication skills. I learned how to describe the design process to people unfamiliar with design, as well as help them express and unify their ideas.

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